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Autoparts UK are based 15 minutes south of Guildford just off the A3 in Surrey. We have seven vans collecting core components suitable for re-manufacturing and catalytic converters for refining, covering the South East of England to include, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex & London.

We supply core units to all countries around the world. All parts are listed by their OE number and application.

Some products are re-manufactured on site, including clutches, rotating electrics & DPF filters.

Catalytic converters & DPF’s purchased for refining are tested and processed on site using the latest analytical and sampling technologies.

Official ‘Reuse, Repair, Recycle’ Company

Core Components Purchased & Supplied

Core Components Purchased

If you are a garage, motor factor or vehicle dismantler based in the South East we would like to speak to you about planning regular collections. We are always looking for late model components.

Core Components Supplied

If you re-manufacture any of the components stocked by Autoparts, please get in touch to receive our up to date stock list, for manual enquiries you can search availability below.

Catalytic Converters

Autoparts Precious Metals Ltd strive to achieve a consistent, accurate method of grading, coupled with competitive rates to guarantee customer peace of mind.

Autoparts Precious Metals Ltd specialise in catalytic converter recycling, offering a traditional grading and purchasing service to a diverse range of automotive businesses across the South East. With an in- house laboratory, employing the latest analytical technology, and an extensive knowledge of the market, Autoparts Precious Metals ltd offer the most competitive rates for all types of catalytic converter based on their precious metal content and the current precious metal price.

Autoparts purchase catalysts by the piece throughout the South East. We are constantly testing new units that come into the market, including catalysts from heavy goods, buses, marine craft, forklifts & plant.

New Catalytic Converters tested Daily

Catalytic Converter Processing

A new service offered by Autoparts! You supply the monolith or we will de-can your catalysts for you and mill and sample the material with our specialist sampling machine. You will get an accurate calculation of all three of the precious metals contained within your catalysts, Pd, Pt & Rh. The daily rate is calculated and you can decide on when to fix the metals and receive payment, you can also watch the process being carried out, this is ideal for batches of roughly between 100 & 350 units.

Small Batch Monolith Sampling

We can sample small batches of separate monolith or DPF quickly and if there is no RCF you can send it to us by post as this is not hazardous for a quick return. Please note DPF’s & metallic catalysts need to be evaluated separately.

Types of Catalytic Converters purchased


DPF / Cyclone Carbide


Licensed Catalytic Converter Processor

Registered by the Environment agency for the processing of Catalytic Converters.

Registered as an upper tier waste carrier and dealer.
Licence No: CBDU262855

Metal Prices




DPF Cleaning

Autoparts UK LTD offer a ‘same day’ DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaning service throughout Surrey & Sussex and a next day service throughout the UK.

The Flash-clean system works by using a pre-heated chemical solution that is forced through the DPF at pressure and pulsated to remove all particulate matter, oil and all other residual deposits.

This process is available for all types of vehicle, including HGV’s, commercial vans, buses, catalysts, Euro 6 and SCR’s. This versatility comes from the design of the Flash Cleaner, which contains advanced software that allows the machine to adapt to any type of DPF or catalyst. This process ensures that your DPF will be restored to original factory efficiency.

What is a DPF?

A diesel particulate filter is a trap that collects particulate matter from diesel vehicles. All diesel vehicles built after 2009 should have a fully functional DPF.

A diesel vehicle will periodically regenerate to clear the particulate matter (PM) and turn it into ash – this regeneration process takes between 5-10 minutes. If the vehicle is stopped or not up to temperature the regeneration process is retried again three times.

An unsuccessful regeneration will result in the vehicle going into limp mode and a clean will be needed. There are products on the market that can clear the DPF without removing it, if this is unsuccessful then a full clean will be needed.

Why does a DPF needs cleaning?

our diesel particulate filter is there to capture excess soot, which would otherwise be expelled from your car and into the atmosphere. All of this matter will continue to build up until your filter is completely blocked.

What happens next? Your fuel economy will reduce, you’ll see a drop in power, your cooling fans will be running overtime and you’ll be kicking out some pretty harmful exhaust fumes. Eventually, you’ll need to replace the filter altogether.

Reconditioning of Rotating Electrics

Starter motor & alternator repairs

Autoparts specialise in remanufacturing rotating electrics for all applications including vintage, marine, plant, stationary, forklift and applications new to the market and not available elsewhere.

We can recondition your own starter motor / alternator or offer an exchange unit – all types of applications are covered from car and light commercial to plant, heavy goods vehicles, generators, forklifts & marine.

Autoparts UK hold over 2000 references in core parts that can be turned around quickly. Our customers include motor factors and garage repair shops plus fleet service repairers. Account customers welcome.

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